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Panel Online Store > Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use of the Online Store Services Panel:

Dear user, please carefully consider the following for the best use of the online store services.
Logining users to the online store web site and ordering an order at any time means accepting all the terms and conditions of the online store of the panel by the user.
It should be noted that the terms and conditions set out above replace all previous agreements.

General rules:
Note All Internet Banking Principles and Procedures are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer protection law, and subsequently the user is required to comply with user-related laws. If the rules, procedures and services of the Online Store Panel are created in the future, will be published and updated on this page and you agree that your continued use of the site will be subject to acceptance of any changes.

Definition of customer or user:
The customer or user is told to register with the user’s information contained in the registration form, to order the order, or use any of the online store services.

Electronic communication:
When you use the services of the online store panel, you register or purchase your online order or email to the panel of the panel, these communications are done electronically, and if your request is with Observing all principles and procedures, you agree that the online store of the panel will respond electronically (by e-mail) to your request.

Privacy Policy:
The Panel’s Online Store respects and protects the privacy of individuals who use the site’s services.
The Online Store Panel is committed to protecting your privacy as much as possible, and in this regard, develops the technology needed to make your site more secure and safer. Indeed, by using the panel store web site, you are showing satisfaction with this policy.
All content available through any of the online store services of the panel, such as the logo, trademarks, text, descriptions, graphics, images and data, and all content produced by the online store, is considered to be part of the property of the online store of the panel, and the right The use and publication of all available and available content is subject to the monopoly of the Online Shopping Store. Any use without written permission is subject to the right to sue for the online store of the panel.

Registration, processing and ordering:
The working day means Saturday to Thursday, every week, except for public holidays in Iran, and all orders are processed during the working days and the first day after the holidays.