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July 4th, 2018

Temperature transmitter

A temperature transmitter or temperature transmitter is a device that converts the temperature measured by the temperature sensor, such as the thermocouple, into a portable standard quantity. Transmitter is taken from the combination of the words TRANSFER + METER. That is, equipment that can measure a physical quantity and transfer it to a more distant location like a control room. Transmitter in the field of instrumentation is referred to as a physical equipment such as temperature, pressure, fluid flow, humidity, velocity, The material or the height of the material inside the tank, the weight, etc.

This equipment can be electronic. In both cases, the standard transmission signal is understandable for equipment in the control loop. Temperature transducers can be presented in several simple calibrated models. These transducers are capable of detecting a variety of temperature sensors, such as thermocouples.

Temperature transducers are divided into two categories in terms of how they are installed:

  • Kiln Temperature Transmitter: A kiln thermometer transistor is placed inside the sensor chamber that is known as HEUN MOUNTED.
  • Rail Temperature Transmitter: Above the Trailer, the rail temperature is installed inside the panel and on the rails, known as RAIL MOUNTED.



Transmitter types:

Transmitter in two types:

-passive (passive)

-active (active)

PASSIVE TRANSMITTER (inactive): This type of transducer, which is one of the most commonly used transmitters, does not have a separate feeding path and receives the voltage required of its supply on the same output line from a peripheral device such as an RTU or PLC, and then The measured quantity is sent as a standard flow to the output lines. This does not require extra wiring to be used in measuring equipment, as well as a transistor without the need for separate power supply through the lines connected to the outputs.

Active Transmitter (ACTIVE): This kind of industrial transducer sends the measured quantity to two lines in a standard flow rate , but they need to be supplied separately for proper operation, which must be delivered and delivered in a way. to be given. Therefore, this type of transceiver does not save on wiring and does not have the advantage of a passive transceiver.
















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