differential pressure gauges

Pressure is one of the most important quantities that is widely measured in the industry, so measuring the correct pressure is important.

Types of bases for measuring pressure:

  •  Absolute pressure
  •  Measurement pressure
  • Differential pressure or differential pressure


In choosing a pressure difference gauge, the following should be considered:

  • Selecting the type of gauge (digital-dial)
  •  Size
  •  Material
  •  Dry or oily selection of the piece
  • type confusing connection
  •  Work pressure difference



Cooling circuit

Pipeline systems

Pump monitoring


Existing suffering:
1 500 Pascal 5-15 millibars
2- 60 +/- Pascal 6- 25 ml
3- 30 +/- Pascal 7- 50 ml
4- 10 milliliters


All sufferings are also available on an inch-water unit.

  • magnehelic-gauge-4
  • magnehelic-gauge-4



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