The fitting is referred to as fittings in the plumbing system, which are used when splitting, but the equipment of the instrumentation and all the equipment that are in the pipeline can be said to have a kind of fitting or connection, including Types of fittings, knees, tees, surface reducers / augers, couplings and more.

In choosing a fitting, the following should be considered:

1- Material

2- Size

3. Working pressure

  • d-lok fitting valve-4
  • d-lok fitting valve-4


One of the connections used to create inputs and outputs is water storage tanks. Because of their high utilization and connection with the health of individuals, it is worth mentioning that brass fittings have the required standards in terms of health and, from a cost perspective, from steel fittings to It’s cheaper, and in the meantime, brass fittings or brass fittings are used for better sealing than for the plastic tankers, which are today the most widely used types of home water tankers.


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