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July 3rd, 2018

pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter is one of the most accurate and most widely used instruments for measuring pressure in the industry, by which it can measure the pressure of liquids and gases, and many other things. These transmitter actually have the task of converting quantities to other quantities. In the transmitter, the signal pressure is given to the device by the ambient pressure and eventually converted to the electrical quantity by the processor and displayed on the screen.

When buying a pressure transmitter for positive or negative pressure, the accuracy of the measurement, the type of output of the device and the range and range of its measurement.

Pressure transmitter

Power Transmitter with Display

Exhaust Transmitter for explosive atmospheres

Split differential transceiver

Smart Intelligent Transmitter

Low power transmitter

Power Transmitter Industrial

Abrasive Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter with Display:
This type of transceiver has a small display that is usually a seonate segment, and it’s used for internal sensor settings and output, allowing us to be aware of the sensor’s function at the moment.

Pressure transducer for explosive atmospheres:
Before examining the anti-explosive pressure transmitter, a brief explanation of the explosive environments in the operational spaces is required. This standard is designed to categorize places where vapors and flammable gases are possible, and to provide a solution and to choose the right equipment and equipment for these sites. In terms of the classification of industrial spaces for fire and explosion, two world-class standards are proposed:
(A) National Electricity Standard (NEC)
(B) International Standard (IEC)

Differential pressure transmitter:
One of the most commonly used pressure measurement devices in the industry is differential pressure transducer. This device senses the difference in pressure between the two input ports, and the signal indicates the difference in pressure compared to the calibrated range, appearing on its output. Differential pressure transducers may be constructed and operated on the basis of any pressure measurement technology.

Installation location of pressure transmitter:
The location of the transmitters on the pipes and tanks across the enclosure at the measuring points. In total, the transducers are made up of three main parts of the amplifier, converter and sensor. Transmitters are produced in two types of electronics.

Pressure sensors, pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, piezometers and manometers are also referred to. The first type measures the pressure at milliamps and the second type measures pressure at the volt and millivolt.





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