pressure control valves Series 631

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Valve control is operated by a force other than the force and regulates the flow of fluid in a process control system. The control valve consists of a valve that connects to a drive mechanism that can change the control element of the fluid. This change is based on the signal received from the control system.

Extreme control, even though the ultimate element is in the loop of control and plays an important role in a process industry.

In general, control of volos is classified according to different characteristics.

For example, depending on the type of body, type of fluid, type of motion and …

Types of spin gear control even in terms of the type of movement: 1. Milk with linear movement of 2-milk with rotational movement

The control mode has two modes:

Direct acting valve: The control valve closes when the signal is applied to the actuator.

Reverse Acting Valve: The control valve that opens the trigger signal when the signal is applied.


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