Differential Pressure Flow Transmitter 3051

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Transmitter or pressure transmitter is one of the most widely used measuring equipment and tools for controlling and monitoring various industrial processes. This equipment is also used in measuring other parameters such as reservoir height and flow (fluid flow) and are used in industry for accuracy and repeatability in measuring the level of liquids. This transducer is used when the difference is required. The two-point pressure is electrically measured and converted into a measurable signal. The differential pressure differential has two inputs, one input for the pressure we intend to measure, and another for the reference pressure. For absolute pressure, the baseline pressure is vacuumed and blocked, but released in the relative pressure barrel of the base input to be exposed to air pressure. In differential or differential barometers, both inputs are available to the user to be Your choice will connect them to the desired location. This tool, in addition to controlling pressure and displaying its values, can be used as a liquid level transducer in the reservoirs as well as a pressure difference transducer in the monitoring and control of the flow.







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